Champion Power Equipment 100402 Portable Inverter Generator

The Champion Power Equipment 100402, a 2000W dual fuel inverter generator with a crisp new modern look, engineered with an engaging digital user interface. In this review, we’re going to explore if this is a worthy inverter generator. The price is certainly appealing. Champion generators are known to offer great value for money.

It’s not easy to compare the Champion to any other 2KW inverter generator that also offers dual fuel operation. Searching for alternatives from other brands, only reveals more expensive generators that don’t really match this one with its fantastic modern conveniences and superb design.  The Pulsar PG2200BiS costs more. and it’s also a dual fuel inverter generator, providing 200 watts more in peak power.

This 10% increase in power output can justify the higher price, but I much prefer the design and convenient features that you get on the wonderfully cheaper (and more advanced) Champion power equipment 100402. After reviewing the Champion dual fuel inverter generator, I’ll offer a quick comparative review — Champion Power Equipment 100402 vs Pulsar PG2200BiS

Unique in its design; the ability to stack one on top of the other into a compact modular form. It may seem trivial but when you think about it, it’s quite innovative and practical; allowing you to use your space efficiently. The thing about back-up power is that we never know under which conditions we’ll be using it. Typically, circumstances are unpredictable when the power shuts down or we’re out camping. Being able to connect a second generator to double your power is a unique features of inverter generators, generally speaking. This isn’t unique to Champion. Let’s be clear on that. Their are a lot of advantages that come with owning an inverter generator, certainly far superior to traditional gas models.

The most immediate thing I noticed when I took my first look at the Champion 100402 was the beautifully modern, easy to use digital display with touch controls. The screen and level indicators are huge, so you can easily check on all the important information about the generator.

An LCD screen in the center provides information like total running hours and remaining runtime. On either side of this screen, you have a clear display of the fuel level and output percentage.

These work like the battery indicators on your cell phone, with 7 bars, so you get a pretty accurate idea of what’s going on. It also has a full selection of warning lights with easy to understand icons: low oil, receptacle fault and overload, as well a service indicator light – much like the “check engine” warning light we have in our cars. A really cool thing, that I haven’t seen on other generators, is the “Fuel Fill Assist LED”. If you’re filling the gas tank in the dark, a button on the handle will light up the fuel filler cap, making things much easier.

As much as I like modern gadgets and impressive electronic gizmos, how a generator performs is more important. The Champion 100402 uses an 80cc (EPA and CARB certified) engine which is really easy to start. The all-in-one startup dial, means no fiddling around the engine. Turn to run position or keep going to activate the choke. Then pull on the recoil starter to get the engine purring like a kitten. It really does purr, not roar, with a rated noise level of only 53dBA from 23-feet. With no other information about noise levels, my guess is that this is the sound level is measured at 25% load. Though I can’t say for sure.

Like all inverter generators, the Champion 100402 provides clean power (<3% THD), making it perfectly safe for electronic devices. The inverter also allows for an economy mode. When the Eco touch button is activated, fuel consumption is reduced, and the generator runs quieter. It lowers the engine RPM when the power demand drops below 25% of the rated load. This is not a particularly large generator (2000W peak load and 1,600W rated power). So, at 25% load, you’re only using 400W. This would be enough for a TV, satellite receiver, possibly a small surround sound system, and a couple of lights. None the less, when the power demand is low, like at night, you can get up to 11-hours runtime from the 1.1 gallon gas tank at 25% load.

Propane may be clean burning and offers some other advantages too. But it is less efficient than gasoline. This means a lower output when a dual fuel (hybrid) generator is running on propane. In the case of this one, peak power is down by about 20%, which isn’t too great. On propane the Champion 100402 will generate 1,800 peak (starting) watts and 1,440 running (or continuous) watts.

If you want to double your power output, the Champion 100402 has connections for a parallel kit, allowing two 100402 generators to be used in parallel. The parallel kit is sold separately and has a 30A RV outlet included in the kit. The control panel fitted to the generator only has 2 X 20A 120V household outlets. This is pretty much the norm for a generator of this size. It also has an 8A 12VDC outlet with a USB adapter included. Both the AC and DC circuits are protected by push to reset circuit breakers.

Since the Champion 100402 weighs only 47.6 LBS, no wheel kit is included. It has a large molded handle at the top, by which you can carry the generator. This is the design of choice for most lightweight quiet inverter generators and is very practical.

For camping and tailgating, the Champion 100402 is a marvelous generator. It’s cheap enough yet displays no cheap traits. The 3-year warranty is certainly up there with the high-end inverter generators. This little generator can be used for emergency power at home but, with only 1,600 running watts and 2,000 peak watts, you will be fairly limited. It could have enough power for some refrigerators, but that would about all you could run. Using two generators, with a parallel kit, will make a big difference if you intend using the Champion 100402 at home during an outage.

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