Champion 46596 Portable Generator

One such high-quality model is the Champion 46596 3,500W generator which is capable of producing a running supply for 3,500W and a surge power supply of 4,000W.

Since it is on the higher end of the below 4,000W scale, it is ideal for RV and trailer users as well as for those who want a generator as a backup for their house in case of a blackout.

It is a traditional generator, as opposed to newer inverter generators, and is advertised as being durable, long-lasting, and reliable in terms of power supply.

As stated above, the Champion 46596 is not an inverter generator which means its component parts are not packed inside a hard plastic exterior. Rather, this model has a steel frame which contains the components.

This steel frame enhances the sturdiness of this model greatly. However, it also adds to the weight, as this model weighs in at 99.2 lbs with an empty tank.

With its tank filled to its 3.8 gallon/14.4 liter capacity, it weighs around 123 lbs.

Power Output / Generation

The engine in this model is manufactured by Champion itself and is a 196cc 4-stroke OHV engine. In laymen’s terms, this only means that you need to find an engine oil which is appropriate for a 4-stroke engine.

Champion itself recommends that you use oil with SAE 10W-30 rating.

As mentioned before, this model is capable of generating a running supply of 3500W and a surge power of 4000W.

This is towards the higher end of the spectrum of generators which can be used for powering households during blackouts. It can also easily handle RVs and trailers.

In the 3000W to 4000W range of generators, this model’s running output is one of the highest out of the models reviewed, with only a couple of generators exceeding its supply.

It shares this high output in common with other Champion generators.

Fuel and Noise

The Champion 46596 has a fuel tank capacity of 3.8 gallons or 14.4 liters.

For fuel, it uses unleaded gasoline with an ethanol content of less than 10% by volume and an octane rating of 85 or above. Since most commercially available gasoline is rated 85 or above, this should not be a problem to find.


Long run-time: this model is capable of running for 12 hours on a half-load, which makes it extremely long lasting during use, which means that it is also extremely fuel efficient – this can be especially useful during emergency blackout situations when it can take a long time for regular power supply to be restored

Sturdy and Long-Lasting

The steel frame of this model ensures that it is a sturdy and hard-wearing generator which is guaranteed to last you a long time – the 3 year warranty further ensures that it will last you at least a couple of years and, according to customer reviews, easily has a longer lifespan than the warranty.

Easy Starting Procedure

Not only is this model easy to set up, with clear and easy to follow instructions given in the model, but the manual start procedure is extremely easy, with the engine starting on the first pull of the cord – many customers said they were skeptical of the manual start but soon realized that it is hassle-free and rarely, if ever, gives problems


No Hour Meter

This model does not come with an hour meter which makes it hard to track the number of hours it has been used for and hence time maintenance accordingly

Low Portability

This model has a weight of 99.2 lbs which makes it hard to maneuver and transport – furthermore, the mobility kit does not come with the generator and hence there are no wheels which can help to enhance its mobility

Noise Level

This model produces a noise level of 68 dB at 23 feet – this can be quite distracting especially if you do not have enough open space to keep the generator sufficiently far away – this level of noise also means that it cannot be used for camping

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