Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator

The reviews are pretty solid. The outdoor generator is powered by an air-cooled, 192cc OHV engine. As a source of portable power, it features dual 120 volt AC outlets (5-20R) to run 120VAC single phase, 60Hz loads. A 3 prong 30A plug (TT-30R) is also provided for RV use. There is a 12V DC automotive-style outlet built into the system that you can use to charge USB devices like your phones.

Unlike most of the generators on the market, this 3400-Watt generator runs both on propane and gas. The propane option is definitely a major plus. Propane is low maintenance. Though you will get better power from gasoline, propane tanks are safer and easier to transport. Switching from propane to gasoline is easy with the help of a fuel selector switch on the front panel.

This Champion generator (model 100263) is ideal for recreational use. That said, the gen still puts out enough power to be used as emergency backup for home. This machine is designed to start and power up to a 15,000 BTU AC unit. In gasoline mode, it is capable of delivering 3100 watts of continuous power. With 3400 watt peak rating, it handles heavy starting loads. The dual fuel inverter gives a lower power output on propane (2790W running and 3060 starting).

The power is clean so that sensitive components will be safe from surges. It is a pure sine wave inverter that produces electricity having less than 3% total harmonic distortion. The small fuel tank (1.6 gal) might be a slight concern but this multi fuel generator still gives a good run time. At 25% load, it will run up to 7.5 hours on gas. You will get 14.5 hours when using a 20 lb tank of propane.

As you can see, the mid-powered inverter is economical in fuel consumption. There is an Economy switch that you can use when running light loads. This allows for even further fuel conservation. This feature will also help with noise reduction. It may not be as quiet as a Honda. However, it is very quiet compared to those conventional units. The advertised noise level is 59 dBA from 23 ft (taken at a 25% load). This is about the same noise level as normal conversation.

The generator has an electric start. The supplied 12V 7AH battery re-charges while the engine is running. It does have a pull start option, in case the battery is not able to start the engine. There is no remote start option on this model. However, this is not a huge deal. If you need this feature, have a look at the 75537i 3100W model.

As of indicator lights, the control panel is equipped with oil warning light, overload indicator light, and output light. Power to the receptacles will be cut automatically when the oil level is below the threshold level or when the maximum load is reached.

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